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Cable vs. Satellite

  • No receiver required
  • No equipment purchase necessary
  • Local Channels at no additional charge
  • Padres & Chargers channels
  • Local Customer service and technicians


  • One (1) receiver required per Television
  • Customer MUST purchase dish(es), receiver(s), and all other equipment
  • Local sports channels not always offered
  • Possible out of state or country customer service with limited technicians


Cable TV equipment has proven to be simpler to operate and less confusing than satellite equipment. Cable supports over 300 channels of programming. Local channels are offered through cable in every city at no additional charge.



Satellite equipment includes a satellite dish, or set of dishes, that must be placed outside and have a clear view of the southern sky. This can cause problems, especially for heavily wooded areas, or people living in complexes. Boxes are also required for each TV. And most satellite equipment is purchased by the user, rather than rented from a cable company, so the customer is stuck with all the equipment when they move. Local channel availability is a minimal, and sometimes not available at all with satellite. With satellite you usually have to sign a commitment or contract ensuring you'll stay with them for a minimum of 12 months. If you disconnect early there are expensive early termination fees charged often times amounting to hundreds of dollars.

Satellite can be affected by weather such as heavy fog and rain causing total loss of signal and degraded pictures.


What Orion Can Do..

With Orion, the overall cost is lower and service is more dependable. Because we are local to you, we respond quickly and have technicians on call 24 hours to respond to emergencies. With Satellite, you deal with customer service in another state and service is not consistent. We will solve any technical problem with a channel and the cost is included in your monthly bill automatically. Cable also provides you with local news, weather and sports (including the San Diego Padres and Chargers), at no additional cost.


Additionally, you can split a cable to serve multiple televisions and each TV is independently tunable (meaning each person can be watching a different channel on each TV). With satellite, you must buy a separate receiver (very costly) for each television. Some real benefits come from the "hidden costs" of satellite - you must pay for technical service, deal with customer service usually in another state and you become responsible for the costs of maintaining or replacing equipment. With cable, these are free to you, as they are already included in your monthly charge. Plus, we have friendly, local customer service representatives and service and emergency technical crews ready to react to any local problem.



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