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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What do I need to get HDTV cable service?

    In order to enjoy Orion Broadband’s full HD experience, you will need:

    1. A high-definition television, which can be purchased at major electronics retailers.
    2. An HDTV compatible set-top cable box or CableCARD from Orion Broadband (Contact Us for a list of locations where you can pick one up or set up an appointment for us to install one).
    3. A Digital Cable subscription. Please note that Orion Broadband provides you with component cables when you sign up for HD service, or if you prefer you can buy these cables at your local retailer.

  2. What is my channel lineup?

    Your channel lineup can be found here.

  3. How do I reboot my set-top box?

    You can reboot a cable set-top box by disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the cable set-top box.

    • Turn off your cable set-top box (using either the remote or the button on the front of the box).
    • Carefully unplug the power cord from either the wall or the back of the cable set-top box.  If it is plugged into a power strip, turn off the power strip at the switch on the top of the strip.  Wait 30 seconds.
    • Restore the power.  Either plug your cable set-top box back in or turn the power strip back on, but do not turn your cable set-top box back on.
    • Wait 2 to 4 minutes until the green LED digital clock reappears on the front of the cable set-top box with the correct time.
    • Once the correct time has appeared, press and release the power button on the converter or by using the remote to turn it back on.

  4. Why do I hear Spanish or the Weather Station audio?

    Your VCR or TV "SAP" function is on and needs to be turned off.


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